Canadian looking for Kayak store in US (Buffalo NY area)

Because of the limited stock in Canada I’m also considering US shopping. We set our minds on two Dagger Startos kayaks (L&S) and would like to know what are the recommended stores around Buffalo area. I don’t mind driving even further, we often go camping around Rochester and Finger lakes. My “petit” wife is 5’.2" and 50lb, will 14.5 Stratos be better for her or should I choose 12.5. We are both fairly fit and passionate rowers with some tandem kayaking experience.

Quick search brought up

…although I don’t think they carry Dagger.

Try Oak Orchard Canoe and Kayak in Rochester. Gear for Adventure Amherst . Outdoors Oriented didn’t work for you?

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German kayaks… for sure will have to look in to this. Thanks

Get the same length kayaks if you want to paddle together.

50 lbs or 50kg?

nope… More skin friction for the smaller person means more skin friction she has to overcome. That is why designers make several lengths of boat

Have you considered Pelee Wings near Leamington? They carry Dagger boats and say on their website they are taking orders for Dagger products.

Delta kayaks are supposed to be excellent kayaks from what I have heard (no personal experience).

50kg metric guy here :slightly_smiling_face:

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so 12.5 correct

Thanks will definitely check this out. Usually on google search only “big boys” shows up.

Mostly pre-orders but we Canadians are not in rush are we? :slight_smile: very nice choice, will contact owner and ask if he has any demo for store test.

It does get confusing when kayaks your way are sold in kilos. Of course we have to be contrary and resist metric ( the only logical way of measuring). At first glance I thought your wife might be a Little Person. I think she would be happier with the 12.5,

Nah, not in a rush at all, eh.

Suntrail in Hepworth might be worth a try too, We were there this summer for the first time and we were really impressed with the store and the staff.

Do watch facebook market place, you might just luck into the kayaks you are looking for.

Thanks everyone for the provided information. For now I will check shops around me in Ontario and when this shenanigan will be over I will probably make a day trip to see our friends in US… and when I thought that Startos is the one I just discovered 3 other brands that are equally good or better. Back to Google search and reviews.
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Technically you are correct, thus the small version - it is for more than just for cockpit fit…

Bay Creek Paddling Center also in Rochester

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If Ottawa isn’t too far for you, Trailhead Paddleshack has the Riot Edge 145 in stock. This is where I bought mine last year…in January!

Fellow Canadian here (Ontario) with a Stratos 14.5L.

Talk to Zack at Frontenac Outfitters, that’s where I got my Stratos in March 2020. I would also recommend the 14.5S for your wife, as the longer water line will help with tracking and efficiency, holds more gear both on the deck and inside bulkheads.
Only real upside to the 12.5 is if you were doing some smaller winding creeks, and wanted to shave a few pounds when carrying it.

No need to go to the US, support your local shops.


Frontenac Outfitters is a great suggestion. I stopped by their place last November on my way to NB (Its not really on the way but I wanted to see their store). What nice people and a big selection of gear.

I agree, go for the longer 14.5 over the 12.5 if you can, a more versatile kayak length.

I agree, buy local (Ontario) if you can.

Fellow Canadian in SW Ont.