Canadian serial number/date code

Who knows how to interpret a Canadian date code?
I have this number on the Necky Dolphin and it’s also marked as “made in Canada”. It does have the same amount of digits as others I’ve seen, though it is in a different place on the hull (left rear).

Except for the location, that looks the same as the US serial numbers. Boats that were imported into the US for sale here are required to have the US type numbers (I dealt with this a lot when I worked for the Valley importer). The numbers being on the wrong side happens sometimes just by accident, I have seen others.

First three letters are builders code (there is a list of these floating around somewhere)
Next 5 letters and/or numbers are a unique combo for that particular hull
Letter usually indicates the month built (in this case September)
Next digit indicates model year (99)
Last two indicate year built (also 99)

There are definitely different interpretations of how the letters and numbers are supposed to be used by various builders, but generally that’s how they should be set up.


same as US serial numbers. I have had some 40 canoes over the years. About half Canadian made and the HIN follows the same format.

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