Canadian 'yak manufacturers?

in the limited but voracious reading I have done for, all that I see as native to Canada is Boreal Design. are there other 'yak makers that are north of the 49?



  • my bro n dad started calling me that on the water, and it has nothing to do with sinking…just think HEFT! now I call my bro U-boat and my dad Nimitz. :smiley:

3 off the top of my head
Feathercraft, Nimbus and Seaward. All based in BC

hey Chuck…can you tell me…
what are the differences between Seaward, Nigel Foster and Discovery Kayaks, being you can access them all from Seawards website?

Nigel Foster kayaks are designed by Nigel Foster and manufactured by Seaward. I think Discovery Kayaks are aimed toward novice paddlers. Seaward is the house brand.

I thought Riot was Canada-based
and that Impex made some of their kayaks in Canada.


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is another one, but a least one of their boats is a Loon by Old Town. I think they are owned by Johnson Outdoors as well, but I stand to be corrected.
There is another company that is out of Quebec. They are mostly into pretty different looking canoes but I think they make a couple of kayaks. Check under
And I think, like the above, Riot is built up here as well.

Seaward (along with Nigel Foster as well as Discovery), Riot Kayaks, Feathercraft, Atlantis, Pacific, Delta Kayaks, Nimbus, Simon River Sports, Extreme Interface…

Yup Riot is Canadian
It’s based in Quebec. They started in white water but now make touring kayaks as well.

all Impex made in Canada
and Boreal Designs out of Quebec.

Swift, Clearwater Design

Necky is based in BC. They have some great kayaks.

Yeah, I forgot to mention Impex yesterday…thought of it last night and was going to post it this morning…but you beat me to it. These guys (Mid Canada Fiberglas) that build the Impex and formula kayaks are one of the most under-rated builders out there. They’ve been building some great designs for years now!

No and yes
Nope, they are not in BC…anymore…they moved south to Washington State awhile back now.

But yes…they are still building some great kayaks! I’ve been paddling there stuff on and on for 10 years now and am picking up another one in the next week or two.


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Both Necky and Current Designs were Canadian based and manufactured. Both relocated to the USA, I think as a result of corporate consolidations.