Canadienne Canoe

I recently picked up this Canadienne canoe from craigslist,Can any tell me is there any meaning to the serial number or a way to look up.CANOE|690x388

Explained here.

Well, you already know most of what there is to know about the canoe. The maker is Old Town, the model is the Canadienne, and it is the Kevlar layup.

If you want to know the month and year of certification (manufacture) find the hull identification number (HIN). This is a twelve character code. The first three characters (manufacturer’s identification code or MIC) are letters that identify the maker and in your case these should be “XTC”. The last four characters may all be numbers or may be a combination of letters and numbers and will identify the month and year of manufacture. Several different HIN formats were used over the years. The five characters after the MIC could be numbers or a combination of letters and numbers and were used by manufacturers any way they wanted to uniquely identify the hull like a serial number.

Old Town made a Canadienne 16 and a Canadienne 17. I think yours is the Canadienne 17 but you can easily confirm this with a tape measure going from end to end. Here are some specs for the Canadienne 17 taken from a 1991 catalog: length overall 17’ 2", width 36", width at 4" waterline 31 7/8", bow height 22 1/2", depth at center 14 3/4" weight in Kevlar with wood trim 66 lbs.

The Canadienne is a nice, high capacity tandem canoe, albeit a bit heavy by today’s standards for a Kevlar composite boat.

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Thanks for the great replies, that will help me identify the details about it.

I have the shorter version in kevlar. It is 15’7" with a 32 inch beam. I changed the seats and thwarts and made a solo boat out of it for me and my dog. 49 pounds.

Wow, you did well! That is a mighty fine canoe right there, looks like museum quality to me. I have a fiberglass Canadienne and they are legendary great paddlers.