Canadienne Price Check

We have an Old Town Canadienne fiberglass boat. It’s in good shape. The wood gunnels were completely rebuilt a few years ago. Can anyone give me an idea of what my asking price should be?

800 ish. There is an Old TownTripper for sale for that price from the same time period as the Canadienne here on Craigslist.


A Tripper is a pickup compared to a Canadienne which is a sports car.

A good glass Canadienne with new wood gunwales is worth more than a thousand dollars, sometimes a lot more. Recently someone reported a sale here for $1,200 and the buyer was very happy with the price.

I have a kevlar 15’7" model with vinyl gunwales.

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It’s the market. I suspect that as there are a lot of Old Towns including Canadiennes for sale here that your price would generate no interest. The C is a wonderful boat but have not seen one go for over a grand. Most likely the OP has a boat from the 80’s.
I am in Maine. You aren’t. Its that simple. Not a slam; just pricing reflects area.
Get a chuckle here Old Town Canoe, Canadienne, 17', Kevlar With Wood Trim, Mint! for sale from United States

That said I have no idea where the OP is.

Thanks. We are on the west coast.

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then you might go higher than what I would ask… Prices could be higher in the spring .
here are some comps.

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Someone is a real optimist.

Someone knows that these are some of best canoes ever made and that Ralph Friese was a canoe genius.

Yes he was. That boat is a classic but markets are markets. Kind of like real estate. My house would be over 900K in Cali. Its just over 200 k in Maine.