Canalside fireworks

I’ve been wanting to paddle out and watch the show from the water. I thought I had a buddy to go with me this year, but it turns out he can’t make it and I really don’t want to go by myself, so…

Anybody interested in paddling out the Buffalo (NY) River on the 4th? I’ll have an extra boat (with lights) if there is anyone who needs it.

Wish I had seen this before the 4th. Sounds like fun. Maybe I will give this a try next year.

Were delayed by 40 mins because of technical issues. They also launched from Wilkeson Point at the outer harbor, so sight lines weren’t the greatest because of that old grain elevator with the lights on it. If I go next year, I’m goint to put in at Gallagher beach so I can get the skyline behind the fireworks.