Candenza 9'8"

has anyone had any experience with the Sun Fin Cadenza 9.8 as a fishing platform (or know of a person who has)? thanx.

Sun kayak is, I believe, a sister

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Some of the kayak models are similar. Not a lo lot of capacity. Riot sit on tops have never been popular on the Texas Gulf Coast, not because they aren't good kayaks, but because of things like a lot of hull slap with some models and there are just better fishing kayaks. The one you mention is short, that means it won't paddle fast and will be tiring if you do so for long periods of time. That said, a better short fishing sit on top is the Malibu Mini-X:

The Mini-x would be great in small creeks and short distance fishing. It also works well in the surf for things like carrying out baits for surf fishing. Still, I'd go for a sit on top of at least 11.6 or so for fishing.

I like capacity in my fishing kayaks. I mainly fish large lakes and medium size rivers so length also pays off with better speed and tracking. I have a 9.6' sit inside I used to fish from, but found it to be a bit cramped and lacking in carrying capacity.

Thanx for the input. I’ll look more closely at the Malibu Mini-X. Weight of craft is also a concern, so at 38# (I believe) your suggestion is quite valuable.

Mini X
I have a Mini X and feel like it makes an excellent short kayak fishing platform. It’s very stable, tracks reasonably well, and has good hatch storage for it’s size.I paddle it with a Pacific Designs 245cm T-1 paddle, which is a good match.

Roy, what kind of water to you fish with the Mini-X. I would be on Long Island Sound NY, bays, back water and creeks. do you think the rear hatch is need, especially if a milk crate or bait bucket is stored back there?

The Mini-x is used in the bays here
in Texas.

Any opportunity or need to go thru the surf around those Texas bays?

Best place to check its surf
possibilities is either or With the beam on the Mini-X, 31", I’d suspect it would do fine in the surf.

Mini X
Thanks guys, I’ll check the other sites too. So far the Mini-X looks good!