Cane poles

Anyone use old-fashioned Tom Sawyer-esque cane fishing poles? I saw them for sale at Academy (Texas-Louisiana sporting goods chain) for $3.95 - pole, spool of line, bobber, and hook, so I grabbed one just for fun, for fishing the bayou near my house when I can’t make it to the coast.

They work, but those at Academy don’t
hold up long. Caught my first bass on a willow branch about 5 ft long, an 18". Leverage is what its all about and the cane pole has plenty of that.

cane poles
Reefmonkey, all we had when I was a boy was cane poles. People around here in eastern NC used to grow their own bamboo for this, but the sport shops started selling them at about the same time. They are fun to use, but I went to the fiberglass Breambuster type because they would telescope and were easier to store.

there are alot of
modern day cane pole fishermen out there… i crappie fish in and along stumps and standing timber all day using an 10 ft. 2 piece outlaw graphite crappie pole. on it i use a zebco underhand closed face spinning reel (the lil one) I spool 6lb berkly trilene and tie on a 1/16 oz jig. ill fish from 1 to 15 ft deep depending on the time of year , water temp and clairity,ect. its a fantastic way to fish… and affordable…rod $50 reel $20 line $6 lures 25 cents each…

Used to
When I worked at a summer camp, we used those for the young’ns. It was a lot easier to have the four and five year olds fish with cane poles than to give them something with reels. If the bobber goes down, just lift the rod. The kids LOVED it. Maybe I should pick some up for my little ones now that you’ve reminded me of them. But my eldest is beginning to get the hang of her Barbie rod. Dang thing can cast 40’ more accurately than I’d have figured for a 2’8" rod.

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hey big d
tie a jig on that barbie rod and grab it with your thumb and index finger…pull back on that sucker with the button pushed and shoot the jig under a dock. hold on tite and reel in slow and you will have a whole new respect for what a toy rod and reel can do