Cane seat maintenance?

I searched,but couldn’t find what I wanted so I tap this wealth of information. Some of my cane seats are getting dry looking and seem brittle. I have been told to varnish or urathane. Wouldn’t teak oil or linseed be better to rejuvinate the cane and restore flexibility?


Cane is grass, like bamboo, not wood.
Common wisdom says do nothing until your butt goes through, then replace it. At least, that’s what I’ve been told by an experienced museum furniture conservator.

But you can Poly in the meantime.

Teak oil on cane.
My friend is a paddler and furnature restoration expert. He does all his own caneing. He says put the oil right to it. It takes some work but get the bottoms too. The oil will keep them softer and last many years longer. It,s like changing the oil in a truck. A liitle oil all the time will save the big job of re caneing.