cannot find roof rack 2006 crown vic

We cannot find a base roof rack to use as a starting point from any manufacturer for mounting bikes, kayaks, on 2006 Crown Victoria. Due to HOA restrictions, cannot have a trailer. Any ideas?

Shouldnt be a problem
I see Yakima has a bunch of options to fit your vehicle, I would assume the other manufacturers do as well.

Take a look

Yakima, Thule, there are others, most work very well and make kits to fit just about anything.

I would …

I must not be using fit pages correctly
Maybe I do not understand how use the “fit” pages. Whenever I enter vehicle info for any manufacturer(Yakima, Thule etc)–comes back with " no rack found".

BTW, this is not for me–our kayaks go on our Tacoma just fine…It’s for relatives who are just getting started in outdoor activities…

you were right
Unfortunately, neither Thule nor Yakima adapted their rack systems to the Ford Crown Victoria or its sister, the Mercury Grand Marquis of that vintage.

I was able to adapt an older Thule system which I had used years ago on a 1990 Ford Explorer. This was the 1061 tower system using the 136 fit kit. This kit had a set of 4 brackets that created a short faux rain gutter. These brackets had to be riveted to the door frame behind the weatherstripping and remain attached to the vehicle permanently. The clips on the tower then engage the brackets.

This system has proved to be secure on the Mercury Grand Marquis my wife is driving and served to haul boats to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest and back but I don’t believe Thule has produced those towers or that fit kit for years. Conceivably you could find a set used.

we drive a 2008 Taurus…
and I couldn’t get a Yakima clip for the towers I have… nonetheless, I had an older set-up for a 1997 Taurus I had been holding onto for about 4 years after we got rid of that car…It fit very securely on the 2008 and we’ve driven to the Finger Lakes of New York, Conneticuit, and Norfolk, Virginia with a Mad River tandem canoe. We use front and rear tie downs from under the hood and trunk as well as belly straps and the boat is rock solid on the car. Maybe you can use a set-up for a similar vehicle?

a problem with Yakama and Thule with secure fit on my 2006 Mazda 6. The clips kept popping off and both companies tech departments admitted problems with this series of Mazdas…luckily, I was able to return after much frustration. Solution: picked up a set of these generic bars and have hauled 2 kayaks (15 & 12’)…but tie downs front and rear on each kayak are important. These bars use a foot or tower that is secured by straps that connect to the inside lip of your inside roof line. After 2 years of use and hundreds of driven miles, I have had no problems. As with any rack, check to make certain everything is solidly in place and lines taut. Good luck and message me if you want photos.

Install tracks?
If you’re willing to do this…

No Fit
You can use the Thule 430 Tracker foot pack with a TK14 (I believe). This should allow you to mount it through the sheet metal but it’s going to require drilling. Easier than mounting tracks though.

Hope this helps.

See you on the water,


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Spring Creek’s Suction Cup rack
I use these to carry my canoes and they work great.

They’re not as convenient as permanent racks but work great. We made several long road trips with 3 kayaks in that car. Not sure about bikes.


Thanks to all who have replied. It looks like there are several possiblities for mounting the kayaks that we were not aware of. Will be checking them out!


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