Canoe advice

Came across a kevlar lincoln “hidden pond” canoe in great shape for 700 with all the accessories paddles,vests, pop up seats. Wanted some input. Was wondering if it would be a good canoe for recreational as well as some river races?

It would be very helpful if we knew
the location of the canoe.

Actually, it is ideal for recreation.

Canoe advice
Central and western mass. Mostly recreation. My gf and I ate going to start doing some river races mostly flat water.

It is surprisingly fast for a boxy
14 foot canoe and its a seaworthy thing.

But racing boats are longer for a reason. Speed is a factor of length.

That is unless there is a 14 foot tandem class

I would buy it for having fun and seek something else to add to it when you lose races.

It is way to short for racing
Unless you were in some sort of recreation class.

Normally the stock class, you would be left in every ones wake. For instance my Jensen 17 out of Kevlar weighs 39 pounds.

Then every race I have ever entered that has a rec class is usually based on weight, and with the 44 pounds that the Lincoln weighs, you would be way under the weight limit and not allowed.

With all that said, that is a nice boat and weight, but not for racing.

Jack L

Check out the New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association’s web page(NECKRA) . They have a classified section with some boats for sale. Also I would suggest you check out the race schedule and compare it against the results from previous years. I think you will find that the STOCK class is not anywhere near as big in New England as it is in NY. They do have the REC class but different races may have differ rules about letting STOCK class boats in the REC class. You should go try a few of those REC class races in whatever you are paddling now just to check it out. I will warn you that none of them will be as wild as the River Rat Race you said you were in last week.

Pnet Classifieds
If you want a race boat there is a older Wenonah race boat for sale in CT right here on Pnet. the price seems reasonable and it gets you in the sport for little $. I know some people will advise not to hop into a full bore race boat right out of the gate but that’s what I did years ago. Went from 1 Rec class race to buying a race boat. Sure there is a learning curve but that’s part of the fun. The older models will not be as fast as the new Pro boats but either will you for the first year or 2.