canoe all rigg up picts,.?

we always see a lot off kayak all rig up.

would be nice to see canoes all riig up for fishing to.

bring us some rigg canoes.



That is doable…

here’s a link to a few photos of mine:

My pack isn’t rigged to the extreme like the one above, I’ve dressed it for fishing from and it works great. Very simple setup, just a seat back for comfort, a rod holder for my flyrod, and my stringer velcro’d to the back grab handle (I keep the stringer on a 5 foot rope so If I decide to keep a few trout I can keep them deep and cool until I’m ready to go. I keep thinking about getting a thwart bag, but my pfd has pockets to keep everything in so I’ll hold off until I really need one. I’ve also been thinking of mounting a removable 6" piece of tube to the thwart so I can slip the handle of my net into it so the net is always in handy reach…work in progress.


great ideals in those.


Here are a few old pics of an anchor set up. Deploys easily, self stowing and silent. The pulleys really make it work well. I have this set up on a Shearwater, Champlain and a Sundowner.

Where did you get that seat back?

Great ideas thanks!

Can’t post pics right now…
but I want to make the point that I don’t want anything in a canoe that’s permanent. It’s a whole lot easier to cartop a canoe and carry it to the water at difficult accesses if it doesn’t have a lot of geegaws attached. I want all my rigging to be easily removable, so I can carry it separately. Basically, my solo canoes have removable seat backs and cushions, and I have a tackle system that attaches under the bench seat and can carry 5 Plano 3701 boxes lying flat (so water doesn’t drip into them) and off the floor of the canoe (so water in the bottom of the canoe doesn’t slosh into them). I have a place for all five rods that I carry, but I don’t have rod holders or straps to tie them down.

I have a Hornbeck 14 rigged for a fishing, Added a Native seat, extra thwart, Bee ready rod holders, Stinger anchoring system, thwart bag, custom equipment bags for extra gear. Very stealthy and light for cartopping.

Mad River Duck Hunter 16
Rigged with trolling motor, fishfinder, rod holders, underseat storage and anchor system.

Sorry, not the best pic…

How about a NuCanoe?