Canoe Anchor Outrigger?

Has anybody tried using one of these that extends from the front of the canoe and is clamped on at the gunwales and the handle?

I fish alone in my canoe and I need an anchor for the front as well as the back so if the wind or current is coming at me I can just put the front anchor down so I don’t swing around 180 degrees.

I’m not sure about how it will work from all the way in the back of the canoe it seems like it would be difficult to operate even with a pully on it.

Anybody ever used one?

I’ve rigged anchor trolleys on my Loon
138, since its a kayak, that wasn’t difficult because of the decking. Don’t know how to do it on a canoe. I’ve got two trolley’s, one on each side of the kayak. At first, I ran them through padeyes . If you don’t know what they are, padeyes are little half loops made of a thick plastic or aluminum with two holes for screws or rivets on each side of the loop. Now, on the side I use for my anchor, I’ve installed small pulleys at each end of the kayak. It works well. The other side remains run just through the padeyes, its where I place my drift sock. May do the pully thing there too. Big D may have an answer.