Canoe and Bicycles?

We plan on taking 2 bikes and our canoe this summer to Michigan. The canoe goes up top on our Honda van but I need to get a bike rack for the two bikes. Do you have any experience and recommendations regarding bike racks that won't interfere with the end of the canoe that will be extending past the back bumper? Our strap on unit doesn't give enough room for the canoe so I guess I will need something that bolts on underneath???

Let me know.

Thanks much!

i had the same problem
when carring boats. i bought a trailer hitch mounted bike rack.

A hitch rack is the way to go.
But if you don’t have a trailer hitch then you would have to have one installed.

The hitch racks swing away when you want to open the rear door, so you can leave it on the car. Some will swing with the bikes attached, others when it is empty. Mine swing down empty, it has never been a problem. It is also more solid than the strap on.

What is the problem with the strap on and the canoe? If the bikes are to high, can you set the rack lower?

Check out Yakima and Thule websites
You should be able to get two bikes and a canoe on top of that van, no problem, if that’s the way you want to carry them. Carrying on top is a little more challenging getting them on and off (pack a step stool). But it means you can open the back hatch as often as you need to without removing the bikes.

if the canoe can be tied down solid…
tie the canoe upright on the bars, take apart the bikes and throw em’…ughh, PLACE them in the canoe…on some padding…y/n…?, if the boat’s big enough…



Thanks for Coming to Michigan
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…we need it

hitch rack?

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Where do I go to get a hitch rack and installation? Any brands, costs you can pass along? I don't have a trailer hitch.

I use straps and foam blocks when transporting my canoe. My '98 Honda van back door lifts up, not away if that makes any difference. Thats the problem with my strap on bike rack, and that there isn't room as mentioned in first post.


i went
to uhaul to have my trailer hitch installed. i would not recomend them to anybody. they did a horrible job and the hitch does not fit my car very well. but you can do it yourself. i bought my bike rack from the rack can fold down when you open the rear hatch of the van.

Longer bars?
At least Yakima makes a rail for its roof racks that is wide enough for a canoe and a couple of bike racks. We’ve had two Brit kayaks and two bikes up there when we had the longest rails.

Are you using a third party rack syste, or is the canoe just tied down on something like foam blocks?

Regarding Michigan needing money…
no kidding. I read something last week where 1 out of 8 people are on food stamps. Man, thats not good. Ohio was 1 out of 10. Yup, and how is outsourcing good? Sorry for the thread derail.

Roof rack
Throw away the foam blocks, swallow hard and buy a Yakima or Thule roof rack with bars long enough to carry the canoe and both bikes. You will also have to get a bike attachment for the cross bars. It will cost you a couple of bucks but well worth it. I would go that route rather than a hitch rack for the back and retain the foam blocks. There are other threads about roof racks and how to tie on your stuff. Good luck.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Jim C.

Bolt ‘rain gutter’ brackets to your rear
door. Drill right inside the door seal. Mount a X - bar w/ fork mounts and a couple tire trays right on the rear door with two tiny # 4 sheet metal screws each. Bikes hang out of the air flow AND under boats. You can even put a couple ‘forks’ on the bar to hang front wheel.