Canoe And Kayak Mag

Apparently is no more! They have dropped canoes and kayaks for SUP’s. It’s now called “SUP the MAG”. Only problem is I’m not a SUP guy, so cancel that subscription.

I remember when it was “Canoe Magazine”.

Shiraz627–Actually they went digital as with most magazines. Only digital format. They have not dropped anything. I get their daily canoe and kayak postings on Facecrook every day.

I also received the magazine overwrap telling that Canoe & Kayak is discontinued… and that now I will receive SUP: the MAG.

There is no mention of refund offers, but I will be calling and e-mailing them. My subscription is paid well into the future and I have no interest in SUPs. I will look for the digital mag referenced above because I enjoy reading articles and paddling excursions and new gear.