Canoe and Kayak's into Canada


Can you help me?

We will be taking a canoe and a kayak into Canada this summer from the US.

What do we need to know about customs comming and going, boat licensing etc.

Thank you!

Never had a problem either way…
in 12 years, but haven’t been up in 2 years. Haven’t heard of any changes. Some of the boats had Illinois registration stickers… some didn’t.

Having some proof of purhase
wouldn’t hurt. Got hassled once coming back into Canada after going to the USA with a canoe. Other times, not a problem.

not sure if any provinces
have requirements for licensing non motorized boats like yours. Here in NB there isn’t one anyway. If you are from the States and coming into Canada with boats they shouldn’t even think twice about it, and even less on your way home. Not too many people try to sneak boats from up here to down there, more in the opposite direction.

Enjoy your vacation.


You could stop at US customs on way up to register your boats as going into cananda so no hassle bringing them back. Canada is strict about guns, pepper spray,etc. Some overcrowded areas need use permit. Search for a canada message site and get registered.

Basic rule of crossing is have pic id for each person. No sunglasses on driver face. Left arm on edge of door. Right hand on top of steering wheel. They want to see your hands. They are the boss so jump thru their hoops. Bring out the best in them by beiing nice and respectful.

We live on canandian border and you might have much tougher time getting back into US.

you need nothing special for boats …
i’ve been going into and coming from canada with either a canoe or kayak on the roof for over 40 years and NEVER have had a problem, been asked for anything special regarding the boats or etc.

they ask where i’m going or coming from, how long i’m going, or have been, do i have any x… y… or z… (i never do) and a few other inane questions which have no meaning, and it’s over.

go and have fun and not to worry.

NEXT year (Jan 1 2008)
You will need to have a U.S. Passport to enter Canada by land or by water.

I have going paddling north for the
last several years and never had a problem. The customs people never asked anything about my canoes.

CHeck this website

and if you have any questions call Canada Border Services Agency.

I travel to the U.S. a few times a year, and yes, I’ve had my car searched on both sides of the border. Whatever happens, remember, it’s nothing personal; these people are just doing their job.

And no, you don’t have to jump through hoops to please them, but be prepared to answer a few questions, like who, where, when, etc…

Relax, it’s not that bad.