canoe appraisals

How is the best way for me to learn the value of an old wood and canvas Chestnut Mountain canoe? I want to donate it to a Riverkeeper organization and I need to know what it is worth.

That’s a tough one. I just donated a
car, and its value will be determined at auction.

You could pore through pnet classifieds and get a range of asking values for the wood/canvas canoes offered for sale. Maybe one or another of the small wood/canvas canoe companies could offer an opinion.

We need more information. I don’t know of a Chestnut Canoe Co. “Mountain” model. Dimensions, age, condition etc.

Here is a pretty good discussion on wood and canvas canoe value:

if its for tax porposes
i think its worth about 8 million dollars …

how much would you pay for it?
maybe you could base it on that.

Call this guy
Dan Eaton @ Small Boat Shop in Denmark, ME. All he does is restore Canvas canoes. Check out his web site first 207-452-2687


Call your home owners…
Call your home owners insurance carrier. Ask if your canoe was stolen from your home what it would be worth.

Call your CPA
While all above ideas are good for finding the true value of your canoe, just make sure that the method you choose will satisfy the IRS. Afterall, that’s what you really need to know. As we all know the true value of an item and what the IRS will allow you to deduct are to frequently very very different!