Canoe back rests?

Can anyone recommend a good canoe back rest for a Mad River Explorer?

I use Crazy Creek…
canoe seats in my MRX and my Bell Magic. I decided on the higher back ones. They are versatile and are decent camp chairs at the end of the day.

There are others worth looking at, “Sit-Backer” is one name I think camp-mor carries them. They have a stiffer back frame but may be heavier if that’s a concern.

There are also cane seat backs that clamp on the bench type seats.

Hope this helps

crazy creek agree
Another great thing about the Crazy Creek or similar style seat, is that you can use it when you stop for a shore side break. We have a Crazy Creek and like it. Check “Campmor” you can sometimes get great deals.

Cheers Dan!

After market cane seat backs
I’m using them in an Explorer and they are very nice but I had to improve on the velcro type attachment that came with them. An easy fix.

Of the Three I’ve Used…
…I prefer the cane seat backs. Crazy Creeks are nice, Sitbackers are more comfortable (but one of mine broke, so beware), but the add-on cane seat backs really nice. I have bad back, so I’ve tried 'em all. Had the cane backs on my old Mad River and on my Mohawk and will probably have them on any canoe I own in the future. WW

Different approach…
I tried a rigid backrest on several trips and found that they were in my way. They made it near impossible to bail out backwards and if I got down for a low branch, the seat was still sticking up. BAD! Plus, I didn’t get the support I wanted and it limited my rotation to some degree.

So, I went in searh of something different when I set up my solo canoe. I ended up with a Voyager SOT backband. It had big straps w/snaps and is easy to put in place each time. Very adjustable, so I can place it where I need it and snug it up for good support. Combined with footpegs, it gives me a solid position. When I want it out of the way I just loosen it and let it drop down. It’s flexible enough to crunch down in an emergency. $20 at a local sports store. I have a hard time using low chairs, so a canoe seat doesn’t work in camp for me.

Different Strokes, Huh
I find the cane seat backs very supportive, but it’s my t-spine (mid to upper back) that gets sore. Also never had a problem with the back getting in the way with cane, but the Sitbacker can get in the way occasionally when paddling. Never tried the Coleman’s because they LOOKED weak and I was afraid of leaning back and tumbling out of the boat! WW