Canoe bags

Okay, I can’t let my baby go naked in the Florida sun.

I’m looking at getting a cover or bag from either Danuu or from the Bag Lady. It seems they both make quality products, priced about the same, but very different designs.

Would love to have comments, pros and cons, suggestions from those who use either product.

Thank you!

…Danuu(sp?) works…
The Danu(sp?) works…


This has been discussed somewhere
and might be in the archives.

I have three Bag Lady covers and no issues. The oldest is 13 years old.

Its a tight jersey knit and flappeth not during my two thousand mile trips.

She also makes a gore tex type bag that is totally waterproof yet “breathable”. Trapped moisture is a boat killer.

Sue can make any tweak you want as she can be a custom manufacturer.

As you suggested, I searched the

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archives and found a lot of information but not an answer to my specific question.

I finally decided on the Danuu for two reasons: I can get it a little faster since it won't be custom made, and it being an adjustable cover it will be usable on other boats too if need be.

Right after I ordered it from Danuu, I received a gracious and detailed email from Susan, the Bag Lady, whom I had emailed with questions earlier, and there is no doubt in my mind that she would have made a cover for my canoe with which I would have been very satisfied. I was amazed that she could get a custom cover to me in about 10 days.

So now I'll have my Tupper canoe, my Lasso security cable, and my Danuu bag, and for now I have done all I can do to stimulate the economy.