canoe bilge pumps?

I saw the post about kayak bilge pumps and was wondering if there is any product out there that can be used in a canoe to pump water? I’ve had several big water situations(more than I’ve ever wanted), where I didn’t want to abandon my paddle for a second, lest I swing broadside into a wave. At those times, I’ve thought it would be nice to have a foot pump or something that would allow me to continue paddling while getting the water out of the boat. Anyone got ideas?

Get thyself to a white water dealer and
just look at all the neet electric pumps they have now days!

Or at least thumg through a WW canoe magazine or two.




google canoe bilge pumps
There’s all kinds of them out there, from the simple $25 handpump like I have, to the pricey electric systems.

It wouldn’t surprise me if there’s a foot pedal one if you look around.

Have you ever seen a racing canoe?
they have a plate in the middle of the floor, in front of the seat. You step on it’s lever which lets the water out the bottom.

Just make sure you are moving though.

We have one in our comp cruiser and one in my J boat, but I have always been chicken to use them.

I always visualize it getting stuck open and having to keep on paddling like hell until I hit shore.



reasonable price

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and self contained.Not great, about 3 gpm, but it helps in the long wave trains..

Love siphon balers
The big draw back is that you have to be moving faster then the current by a good 3-4 MPH. I have used the Canunuts Comp Cruiser with bailer s down many a time. They always have emptied the boat faster then we could have used a bleach bottle. But you have paddle darn hard to get a 1/3 full boat up to speed to get it to siphon.

Been there, done it.

Rapid Runner Bilge Systems. Quite a few top paddlers use electric pumps in big water, and this is perhaps the best system available.

They both sell them…
NOC and NRS both sell hand held/operated bilge pumps. Cost under 30 bucks.

Piragis might sell them; I really don’t know about them.

I use a hand held/operated bilge pump in my whitewater boat. I’d “guesstimate” it will pump out 5 gallons of water in about 2 or 3 minutes of steady pumping. I have never actually gone to the trouble of pumping out a 5 gallon container I filled with water, and timing myself.