canoe bottom is pretty wornout!

I have an Old Town Discovery 158. Its a great boat, and I really love it, but its geting older and older. I broke my femur in November, and the canoe has been sitting in the sun ever since. I just started using it again and I’ve noticed that the bottom is pretty worn. Its very scratched and is covered with tiny cracks (I think from UV). It doesn’t leak at all, but I’ve been wanting to seal it or refinish it with some type of paint or sealant. I’m not at all sure what products to use for this or the procedure. Any advice? Thanks a lot!

What kind of hull? Polylink,
or Royalex?

The Old Town site says

Basically plastic with foam core.
You might get a good response on on the Advice forum.

Go Straight to OLD TOWN site
they have quite extensive information on how to paint/repair poly. I remember one of the things is to touch it with the flame of a plumbers torch. Better read the instructions well. Then take a couple of beers and decide really hard if you want to mess with that hull. Mine has sat out in the sun for over a decade. It is faded. Looks like I drag it down the road to every put in. But don’t let bad looks fool you. These things are tanks and will probably outlast you without maintenance.

Yep, same for the polylink 3.