Canoe building bottom lifting off of the molds

I am building a Prospector Ranger 15, Cedar Strip Canoe. After I finished stripping and removed all my clamps the center of the bottom, on the middle 3-5 station molds has lifted off the molds about a 1/4" inch. Aesthetically it looks fine, but it now has slightly more rocker than the original design and the bottom is more rounded that it should be. I think there is a number of reason where I screwed up to make this happen, but my question is should I fiberglass it the way it is or should I try and pull the bottom down to be tight with the molds, as best as I can, before I fiberglass it? I’m worried about the tracking and stability of the finished product. Does anyone have any experience with this problem? Thanks in advance for any help.

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Is the hull one unit or as there something that goes on the upper length? …deck, gunwales, ?

How much different? …inches or fractions of inches?

Most of mine could use more rocker.

it will have gunwales and desks along the upper length added after I finish the hull. and I guess it would have 1/4 inch more rocker? at least the center will be 1/4 inch lower than the original design.

If you spread the gunwales a bit, does the rocker change? If so might be possible to correct the geometry with thwarts of the right length.