Canoe building by committee

Some of the guys down at the Dallas Down-River Club decided to build a cedar and cypress strip canoe to raffle off for charity at Trinity River Challenge XI on September 9. You can watch their progress at . The page is updated weekly or as another milestone has been reached. They have been hard at it for the last several weekends as their deadline approaches. For more info about the Trinity River Challenge go to

nice boat
what plans did you use, and what are the specs?

Its a Bear Mountain
Freedom 15 Specs can be found at

Neat Idea
Looks like a great project. Probably good team building too! Its looking sweet. Just don’t let the winner take it on the Guadalupe!

We added extra heavy
glass layers on the bow and stern and down the keel line to act as skid plates, just in case.

It has been a great team builder, but it would have been a lot better if the average temp in our un-air conditioned work space was’nt 100 plus degrees.

One of our regulars built a 13’ out of pine strips that he uses for everything, including WW in bony rivers. Has not had as much as a leak in almost 10 years.