Canoe camp grill suggestion

I have decided that I like having real hot meals when I don’t have to carry stuff far on my back, and I like to cook over charcoal. I tend to avoid open campfires when it’s just me. I just found this little grill combo that just happens to fit perfectly into a Gamma Sealed 5 gallon bucket, with room left over for charcoal, starter, trash bag, and other necessities. For one or two night trips, meats can be frozen and used as part of the cooling ice (in a real cooler). I use a small MSR fuel bottle for the starter fluid.

google - the big backyard portable barbecue grill & cooler bag

Sierra Trading Post currently has them on closeout for $20.

I have that grill from STP. I haven’t used it , but I’ve had it for years. It’s almost like a small cooler within the grill bag. I bought it for day trips, but For me, It’s alot easier to pick up Subway. It is a decently made product for it’s price range

for some godforsaken reason, I just got directed to Macy’s website and they have the same grill for $110. Unbelieveable…

Guess I got the deal of the century then!