Canoe/camp on the river

Looking for a good place in northern Michigan to camp and canoe. We have a large group of 30-40 people and really like to camp on the river we’re canoeing. Any suggestions on campground and/or river would be greatly appreciated.

Upper peninsula, or north lower?

Big group
That’s a big group but there are camps along the Manistee & Ausable that could handle them, especially during the week. The Muskegeon is also a possibility. Are you looking for a commercial campground and livery or for a State Forest type of campground?

Private campground on one of the better rivers in northern lower is what I’d prefer

Doc Fletcher’s books
and web site is a good place to start.

I’m usually with a small group that takes care of it’s self so I’m not too familiar with private campgrounds. For a group your size, I’m thinking that the Manistee & Ausable are good choices. Depending on skill level, the Pine & Pere Marquette are great. I’ve done a one day trip on the Betsie several times with a youth group. There’s camping and a livery at the US 31 bridge there. Lots of good choices in Michigan.