Canoe camping in CA


I am interested in planning a canoe/camping trip for Labor day weekend next month. However I have no experience planning this kind of trip. I have been in a canoe and kayak before so that is not a problem, I also just got into backpacking so “primite canoe-in” campsites are not a problem.

I would just like to know some beautiful locations where I can rent a canoe, then paddle into a campsite area that hopefully isnt too crowded.

Any suggestions?

Looking for somewhere in California.

Two ends of the spectrum
Two rivers to think about are the Sacremento up north by Reding and the Colorado in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Google Sacremento River Camping - California 100 for links.

Labor day weekend is probably not the time to try canoe camping in California, too crowded, too few campgrounds.

The lower colorado from Hoover dam down to Yuma has lots of possibilities, google for trip reports, lots of places to camp in state parks. Best to do this trip in the late fall, winter or spring.

Also Lake Tahoe
I’ve heard you can circumnavigate the lake, and camp along the way. I’m not sure that is really feasible, especially on Labor Day weekend. Here’s a link with some info.

Tsunamichuck1 who posts here from time to time knows the lake well and could tell you if it’s possible.

near bear Valley
I have kayak camped on New Spicer Reservoir, which is near Bear Valley. Union and Utica Reservoirs are next door. The far end of Spicer is designated Wilderness, so no power boats are allowed there. You likely would need a back country permit, but they are free and there is a National Forest Office on the way up.

Cal’s in drought.

NOAA water info supplies data searchable from Google’s search bar or at NOAA.

Imagine temperatures along the Sacramento are high and lower Colorado River above Imperial Dam.

Try the Klamath water level and info.

Redwood Prairie

top ten park…hike, cycle, gawk, amaze.