canoe camping NJ

any advice on where I can do a weekend canoe camping trip in or near NJ this time of year. My usual spot, Round Valley Rec Area, is closed for camping as of Oct 31st.

try pine barren…south jersey
can do your camping at wharton state forest and camp at basto or othervplaces,we do have plenty of area that open year around…so give it a try…1 thing be aware of the…JERSEY DEVIL ,still much to talk about and some even seen footprints

Yup, Pine Barrens
Great paddlin’ in de “off” season. Overnighted on de Mullica wilderness site two weeks ago. De site at Lower Forge on de Batsto be even better an’ a bit more remote.


Delaware River
It’s a drag that so many parks close down at the end of October. I suppose economics dictate, but it is the same here in Maryland and it really reduces the choices of places for multi-day trips.

Seems like the Delaware would always be open and there sure is a lot of it! Personally, I wouldn’t go out on any big river when the water is cold unless I was wearing a drysuit, but if you can overcome that challenge, the river is there.

Have you scoured the places2paddle link at left of the forum? Many paddlers have submitted trip descriptions and you should take advantage of all that collective knowledge. For example, I’m willing to bet you’ll find info there on both the pine barrens and the Delaware.

Good luck, and if you find some great new venues, please submit a report to places2paddle so we can take advantage of it, too.