Canoe Camping Trip Next Week

I am planning a canoe trip with my eight year old son next week canoe camping and fishing. I was wondering if the water levels are safe right now on the Current/Eleven Point and since I am taking my son for the first time, which would be a safer float, Baptist Camp to Pulltite or Greer Spring to Riverton? He has canoed with me numerous times, however this will be his first overnight trip. Please advise??

I only know the section below Greer.
I think you will be plenty safe enough, except in a few constricted spots next to the bank or between an island and the bank. Just kneel and pay attention at those spots, and you’ll be OK. Also, remember that with higher current, you have to pick your landing spots well in advance. If you should spill, the bank closest to you may not be at all safe or feasible for landing. You, your son, and your canoe should swim confidently together until you get to a safe landing.

The only spot that gave me a little trouble was where a low-hanging branch reached out, right over a chute leading to the outer bank of a turn. It was low water then. If it had been high water, I would have been able to get around the branch.

Should be No Problem

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Wildernesswebb here, my computer died so using the wife's. Water Levels pretty good right now, not too high. Of these two, have only paddled the Current this year as far as Round Spring. No major problems, a few new strainers. Haven't paddled or heard anything about the Eleven Point this year. On the Eleven Point the Mary Decker usually clearest on the RIGHT. Halls Bay Chute just above Riverton can sometimes be a "Bugger" too. EITHER river shouldn't be a problem right now barring an unforseen major rain event. WW

If that tree branch is the one I’m thinking of, the branch itself should no longer be a problem, as I believe it has been cut.

However, the current in that spot will still try to sweep you into the base of the tree, and the river bank if you drift into that chute. Correct ferry angle, and good forward momentum are suggested for that spot. If you don’t think you can accomplish that; get out & line your canoe through. There is a nice eddy on river right to reenter the canoe, and head on downstream.

If others are paddling in that area the same time as you, pull over & observe…before you try it. Do not go in that spot, jockeying for position, with another canoe.