canoe carrier for stock Jeep rack?

Hi - I am trying to find a canoe carrier that will attach directly to a stock rack on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. Thule and Yakima dont carry them. I did see a set of what I was looking for on a similiar jeep once - I guess I should have tried to ask the owner about them. - Thanks for your help.

Any crossbars that are mounted
solidly to the factory rack will do, as long as the weight does not exceed the local stress tolerance of the rack.

I’m puzzled by your saying that Yakima does not have anything to offer. Probably their Lowriders and their standard tubular bars would work, >IF< your factory rack is not too cheesy.

Are you sure
Yakima doesn’t have something that fits?

I bought Yakima towers and crossbars for a 99 Grand Cherokee and I’m currently using them on my 04 Grand Cherokee. The towers look look they’d fit almost any rack. Is the rack on the 01 Cherokee different from the GC?

If you’re near an outfitter, bike store, or outdoor store like REI I’d try some of the towers for the GC out on the car. Then I’d try a few other sizes to see if I could find a fit. These things aren’t precession tooled fittings. Essentially they are clamps made to clamp onto your rack. If nothing else, close enough is good enough as long as it gets a good bite on the rack.

Jeep Racks for Canoe
Hi Thanks Yes,

I already have cross members and I am looking for something to attach directly to them.

But yah I believe you are right, I probably could get crossbars and everything through Yakima or Thule, but I was really hoping to just get the attachments.

Jeep racks
I tried their website but maybe I should try a dealer somewhere. Maybe I will try an outfitter?

I am just looking for the Attachemtns to clamp onto my existing factory rack. Thank You


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Jeep Cherokee Sport or Grand Cherokee? If it's the Sport ye have welded rain gutters - last (non-full size van) vehicle to have dem) and so yer kin use gutter mounts such as Quick & Easy towers (about $60 new) fer very strong an' inexpensive custom racks usin' straight-grained 2x4's. De welded rain gutters are much, much stronger than any factory rack. This be wat ah' used for decades. Since ah' got a set of super heavy duty TracRac van racks dat also clamp onto de rain gutters a few years ago fer real cheap, dat be wat ah' use now on me 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport.