CANOE CART - on the road and then the sand .... suggestions on the best one?

Hello paddlers! I need a canoe cart (that can handle @ 100 lbs …) so that I can walk my canoe down the road and then through the sand to the lake! I have a Scott River Dancer (so a bit of a “V” on the hull). I have been reading reviews (lots of talk about what wheels do and do not work …). So any suggestions on what would work for this application would be appreciated! Cheers!

I recently bought the Swedish Style Folding Cart from Orchard Canoe Supply. I haven’t really put it through the paces yet, but was really impressed with some backyard testing. My 9 year old son had no trouble moving a Discovery 158 around. Was much more impressed with it than the c-tug I used before. I think the larger wheels and setting it in the center of the canoe really helped. canoe kayak cart carts small boat Paddleboy buy online on-line internet shopping shop suspenz hobie wheels

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