Canoe cart

Can anyone recommend a good canoe cart to travel over some rough ground? Right now I have it narrowed down to the steel one cabelas sells and the “Paddlecart”. I am going to use it to push my canoe 1-4 miles through rough trails to get back to some good brookie spots. Thanks.

Canadian Boats Walker
Dis be wat ah’ uses on rare occasions


Are you handy ??
I have made two so far and they are great for going over rough ground

Look at thrift stores and yard sales and pick up one of those fold up baby joggers with the 15 inch inner tube wheels.

I got my last one for twelve dollars at a thrift store.

You strip it of all the garbage and then cut the front wheel off just in front of the cross brace.

Duct tape a pool noodle cut to length for across the front cross brace and another for the rear.

Use two camlock buckle type straps. cut each one in half and with each one attach one end to one side with the screws and plastic washers and the other end on the opposite side the same way. (you’ll have to drill a couple of pilot hole for the screws) One set near the front and the other near the rear.

It goes under the middle of your canoe/kayak with the canoe right side up, and once you have it cinched down with the straps all you have to do is steer it from the stern or bow

If you want a couple of pictures, send me a e-mail and I’ll attach them.

I’ll be out of town for the next week, but will do it when I get back if you want.



If you want a tough cart…
The Expedition Canoe Cart from Western Canoeing in BC:

Doesn’t get much tougher than this.

Yes, I work for the company, but when a product is good, it’s good. We do ship to all points in Canada and the US.


The Instep cart

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available on ebay, less expensive than the Boat Walker from LLBean and just as tough. In fact, they look identical, I wouldn't be surprised if they are made by the same people.

I bought one lightly used on ebay for 25 bucks. It looked brand new but was missing the air pump.

Same Cart
and by the time you pay the shipping pretty close in price.

I bought mine from Beans because I know they back what they sell.


roleez kayak/canoe totes
If your going over rough trails think about these. They have oversize air filled tires.

Home made cart
I made my own cart out of PVC tubing and two front wheels from discarded kids bikes. $25 will get you every thing you need. Use only front bike wheels, rear wheels have the coaster brake hub which you don’t need. Most carts have wheels that are too small to roll over rough ground. If you want a photo email me at