Canoe Cart

Need some help with a canoe cart. I have someone who will make me a cart but I need some plans or pics of ones. I have two Mountian bike wheels to use and need one I can take apart and reassemble on the trail. I’ve seen some of the kayak carts but they don’t look strong enough for the Canadian Shield trails I’ll be using. I only need some ideas Thanks in advance guys and gals. You can always email me too.


If you can find a old baby jogger
at a thrift store or some other place, they make a perfect folding canoe cart.

Remove all the canvas stuff. Cut the front wheel off and duct tape a pool noodle across each cross member,

Use two camlock buckle straps cut in half with each half screwed to the sides using the same hardware that held the canvas on.

I have built two of them so far, and paid twelve dollars at a thrift store for my last one.

We just used it in the portages of the Adirondack 90 miler, and I don’t think any portages in the world are as tough as a couple of those mile long ones there.



Instep canoe cart
The Instep Canoe Cart is a stable and strong design. High clearance for those rocky Canadian portage trails.

These are also available on ebay. I got one slightly used for 65 bucks a couple years ago.

Photo Plans

Instep Canoe cart
I’d like to echo the praise for the Instep Cart. Our’s is about 10 years old and doing great, used 2-3 times/week in season. Easy to buy or use as a model to take the lines from. I do like your idea of the mountain bike wheels and tires. Great luck!

canoe cart
Thanks the info really helps get me started. My back will thank you in the long run too. I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress and some pics when it’s done.


Mountain Bike Wheels…too big
Unless you design the cart wide enough so that the wheels are beyond the side of the boat, you’ll have to build the frame pretty high in order for the bottom of the boat to clear the tires. Either it will be a little on the wide side (and thus not too easy to pack), or it will be so high off the ground, lifting the canoe up onto it will be troublesome. Not impossible, just a real pain in the a$$. It would almost guarantee the need for two people.

The instep cart (I have one) has smaller wheels that clear the bottom of the boat, barely, and it has plenty of clearance for all but the most heinous boulders and stumps.


build it strong
is the only suggestion i can offer. i’ve yet to portage on a smooth, graveled path, it seems all of my have been on root and rock strewn hiking paths where i’m pushing and shoving the kayak over 1 obstacle after another. more than once, i was glad i didn’t go with one of those diy pvc pipe deals.