Canoe Choice???

I’m in the process of purchasing a canoe from Dick’s Sporting Goods. My choices are either a Pelican Potomac 14.6 ft Canoe for $300 or an Old Town Rockport 14 ft Canoe for $400. I plan to use on local lakes for fishing and recreational paddling. Any thoughts?



I would try to spend a little extra money and get the Guide 147

My personal opinion
I haven’t paddled either of those canoes. However, after having looked at the quality of the Potomac products, I wouldn’t buy them on a dare. So, given the two choices you’ve selected, I would purchase the Old Town canoe.

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Mjflores is right

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If you must buy from new and you must buy from Dick's, you should consider the OT Guide. The Guide 147, at 38" wide and with a more rounded bottom will paddle with less effort than the Rockport - and if you're worried about the not-so-flat bottom, it won't take long to get used tot he feel of it and the trade-off in performance is more than worth it.

I would advise against almost any boat that says "Pelican" on it. If price is the issue, I would shop used before buying any Pelican.

local retailer
Do you not have a locally owned kayak/canoe shop? I second the Guide 147 recommendation.

Great deal on the 147…

Thank you to all who replied. I have decided (Based on your wisdom) to purchase an Old Town Canoe, model: Guide 147. After reading the details of my options, it became clear that the Guide 147 was the best choice. And on top of that, Dick’s Sporting Goods even has the canoe listed at an affordable price.

Thanks again.