Canoe Classes in Vancouver, BC

Anyone have suggestions for good canoe lessons in Vancouver?

There are 2 clubs who offer a variety of training opportunities with membership, which is about $20/yr, and of course they have organized trips. And most importantly in Vancouver, you’d meet other people who own canoes. (If you search the web forum of Vancouver Club Tread you’ll find a thread on exactly this.) But most of their classes are typically early in the season, and you’ve probably just missed them. Sometimes other courses are advertised in the club newsletters, which are available on-line. The newsletters are worth a read anyway if you’re interested in canoeing in & around Vancouver.

Beaver Canoe Club

Dogwood Canoe Club

The RCABC is the provincial organization which oversees canoe instruction. Check out its website, which includes a searchable function for courses.

Also check out courses through the False Creek Community Centre. The instructors you’ll find at the clubs, RCABC and FCCC will all do private instruction too. This is sounding more formal/complicated than it is: really there are only about 5 active instructors in Vancouver, 4 of which are 2 couples and close friends, and you’ll find them all with a bit of Googling.

Middleton’s Boats is also a good resource about Vancouver canoeing (including buying and renting of course).

Good luck, PY.

Thanks for all the useful info.