Canoe club in/near Dayton, OH area?

Is there an active canoe club in or near the Dayton, Ohio area. Paddlers looking are a bit north of Dayton.



Dayton Club

Here’s a couple more

Dayton club not open to all
Membership in the Dayton Canoe Club is exclusive and expensive, but some of their activities are open to non-members.

caneo sailors
Ummm, lots of canoe sailors in the Dayton Club. My kind of people!

Dayton Canoe Club
From what I understood the Dayton Canoe Club isn’t that expensive. One of the bonuses of the club is you can get a place to store your boat. Then you can go to the club and just pull it out and stick it in the water. The club is really nice inside. I don’t belong to the club but attended an Ohio USCA meeting there last fall.

Thanks all. Keep info comming if more
info out there.


Demo Days…
Whitewater Warehouse is holding a demo day this Sunday from 10am-4pm at Eastwood Lake. It’s being held in conjunction with the Dayton Conoe Club’s “Paddle Fun! Paddle safe!” and the Miami Conservancy District with safety info on low head dams & river access.

All the literature looks like mostly kayak demos will be available, but since the DCC will be there, it might be a good time to meet them and chat with them about membership. They do mention canoe and kayak instruction, though, so maybe they are just focusing on kayaks.

There is a canoe race …
in Dayton on June 18th across the river from the Dayton Canoe Club - .

DCC “Exclusive”…
Our club has approx 120 members and our clubhouse on the river was built in 1913. We are perhaps more “histoical” than “exclusive”! ;-)Most of our events and outings are open to guests and prospective members. Many flatwater and class I paddlers, some sailors, some racers, some social members and several of us who paddle everything from sea kayaks to whitewater to multi-day canoe camping. Sign up on the yahoo group and get to know a few members and paddle with us.

OAC is a great group of mostly ww kayakers and SWOYakers is a fine group of mostly flatwater/ class I-II paddlers.

Stop in at Paddle Safe Paddle Fun on Sunday and meet folks from all around the area. I’ll be at the instructors tent all day teaching. Feel free to stop by and introduce yourself or e-mail me offline for more info on area groups and paddling!

Jon Slocum

While a bit south of there…
…we paddle all over the State (example: upcoming trips on the Kokosing and Big Darby) and country. No dues, so there’s nothing to lose:

another club
you might want to check out the southern ohio floaters association just a fun bunch of people.