Canoe cover from Walmart?

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Awhile ago there was a posting about an inexpensive cloth or canvas canoe cover (sock) thru Walmart online but i cannot find it! Anyone know the link? Thanks

Maybe this?

Yes absolutely!!

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Thanks a bunch - i see only one size left but it may fit a 15ft as one person mentioned - no problem to return so i ordered one!


not sure how the archive works
on this site but I had posted it back in December and now it’s gone. anyway it’s a very good cover for the price and 15’ will fit for sure, 16’ would be a stretch. if exposed to the elements they do get a bit of water in them from rain or snow, but no big deal just unzip and empty it; I might eventually punch a grommet in the lower corners to act as a drain. it’s a good idea to leave the zipper open a few inches anyway to allow the cover to breathe and let condensation escape, this will help prevent mold from growing on your boat.

Sam’s club has a couple of covers, too.

Stupid question
Why are the covers superior to just putting a tarp over the canoe?



Oh Det.Dan,
if you lived in Florida a one word answer would suffice: Lovebugs! I wanted a cover just to keep these critters from splatting on my canoe.

I just tried to order the cover, but I think just1more just got the last one, as it is no longer available.

just1more, if it doesn’t fit, give me a holler. My canoe is 12 ft 9 inches.

you just missed
a 13’ canoe cover on EBay:

it didn’t sell, so maybe you can contact them and get a deal.

Whoops, too late
the link is now invalid.

But thank you.

I just wanted to get something inexpensive. I paddle a lot and probably wouldn’t put it in and out of a cover all the time—wouldn’t want to trap moisture—but during love bug season, I’d sure like to cover it while traveling.

I noticed in your post that you mentioned trapping moisture. If I were to place my canoes in carriers, would I have to do anything special to head off problems? Currently I just have them on a home made rack in back, sometimes I cover the top of the rack with a tarp. sometimes not. I currently only have royalex canoes.

Ok Sissy
I will let you know - it should be delivered to the store in less than 2 weeks but hasnt shipped yet so maybe i am out of luck also! Sorry about that especially since you helped me with the link !


don’t know much about these things but

just for comparison you might check out the Northwater website. They make a reputedly terrific cover. Yeah, it is likely expensive as hec but might just give you a comparison to see if these covers are pretty darn good and less money or not.

My canoe has wood trim, so I would want to be very careful about trapping moisture in a bag in the Florida heat. I don’t want mildew or rot, so I wouldn’t put my canoe in a bag for any length of time. But my canoe isn’t off the water any length of time anyway.

Sounds like your tarp cover works just fine to keep the sun off.

Does your canoe have wood trim? If so, do you oil it? And if you do, what do you use and how often?

If they took your order
it was probably still available.

I hope it works for you. It seems to be available at several other online places and I may order one.

It does concern me that another poster says it gets moisture inside and he’s thinking of punching a drain hole. If I get this cover it will just be for travel in love bug season, which is May and September. Love bugs are late this year; I haven’t seen any yet.

I use a lot of 303 and so far bugs don’t seem to stick.

is only a minor nuisance after a heavy rain or accumulated snow, I guess it seeps in thru the zipper or seams (see drybag discussion about how nothing is really 100% waterproof!). no big deal to unzip the bag after the rain to dump any water pooled in there, and probably smart to air out your boat onice in a while anyway to prevent mildew. I had my kayaks in these bags all winter/spring and it hasn’t been a problem. keeps them clean and looking nice and new.

why send your money out of the country
to Canada when you can send it out of the country to China?

found another
go to and search for “canoe cover”, they have a couple brands and sizes available in the $40-50 range.

I got one of the “Dallas Manufacturing” brand ones for my Tsunami 120 and it worked out great. it’s 13’ long by 30" beam.

the “Classic Canoe” brand are the same as the Walmart/Sams one I think, and are made roomier for canoes.

An American canvas shop
Support an independent American man working out of his shop in Minnesota, doing first quality canvas covers for canoes and kayaks.

He customizes to the size of your craft. Cost in March 2008 $89.95 for kayaks. From his eBay site he is holding to that price. He has also held to his shipping fee of $10 for the continental U.S. which is rare in these times of inflated s&h.

He makes a snug fitting, strapped storage cover.

UV resistant marine grade canvas. Small upcharge for a travel cover option.

He made mine over a year ago and it’s sturdy and beautifully stitched. It fits so well I can put the kayak on wheels and tote it w. cover on and it stays secured.

Max Dahl’s Canvas Craft


He’s great to work with, and my cover arrived quickly considering in under a week, amazing for made to order. He is a true craftsman and very precise regarding the measurements of your boat.

I’m very happy w. his work. A logical choice for me. I have a slender, low volume seakayak and did not want the clutter of excess fabric that comes with most brands of covers. Max’s cover met every criteria for form, function and appearance.

Cabelas sells them too. been thinking about a couple myself ( to keep the critters out) but seems like it would be a PITA to get the boat in and out of these vs throw a tarp over .

Did your canoe cover come yet?

I ordered a Danuu cover which should be here today or tomorrow. It was expensive so I hope it works well.