Canoe cover transport bags?

Hey everyone,

My father in law is a massive canoe racing enthusiast with his 60th birthday coming up. At his last race I noticed a bunch of canoes/kayaks conveniently zipped into bags and easily attached to roof racks for transport.

I want to buy him something like this because he still uses a bunch of nylon straps and cranks. I searched for these bags but couldn’t find anything.

Basically looking for brand suggestions and where to get a bag that is the size of his canoe that he can zip up and easily attach to the roof racks. Any advice would be HIGHLY appreciated.


Google Water Works Canoe Company; home of the “bag lady”.


Sue Audette… But she will be on vacation in Sept and Aug is the last month for orders. I have several of her bags

Sent you a private message with contact info of a lady in the Minnesota canoe racer’s group that makes nice bags. check your PM’s.

Great gift idea