Canoe cover

Where can I buy a weatherproof canoe cover for our 14’ canoe? that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg LOL

What is an arm and leg?
About $300 from Cooke Custom Covers or make your own.

spray or full?
Are you talking about a spray cover that just covers the top of the boat, or are you talking about a full storage cover?

Make your own. I just finished a
cover for my Mohawk Odyssey. You don’t have to have any sewing skills, only access to a sewing machine. I previously made one for my Wenonah Champlain. The nice thing about sewing, if you don’t care about fashions, is that a mistake is easily corrected. Cut something too short, you just patch on a larger piece. Not a difficult project in the least.

What material did you use and
how did you attach it to your boat?

I have this one

It’s kind of paper like and seems to be not the most durable but on a hot day near 90, went out and touched the surface and it was cool to the touch. I was impressed. Waterproof too.

Also try Cabelas, they have canoe bags for about the same price.


Bag Lady
There is an outfit in CT that makes covers for $125-150 for raceing canoes that have seemed very good although I’ve never looked at one closely, they aren’t paper-like. I think they make them for rec boats too. The link is