Canoe cover

Is a plain tarp sufficient for covering my canoe? I can’t afford a cover, and i want to make sure that a plain tarp won’t increase UV absorption, and will block it OK. Thanks.

no blue tarp
As I remember the standard blue tarp does not block UV. You need to get the heavy duty ones that say they will block it, also make sure there is room for air to circulate around the boat to prevent moisture buildup.

I don’t agree. The standard blue or
green tarp will block UV adequately, and they also breathe somewhat, which can help prevent hydrolysis of the resin matrix.

Too much is made of supposed deficiencies in UV blocking. It is completely hilarious to see manufacturers claim 30+ UV blockage for a cotton hat. Even my silkweight Patagonia upper garments are quite adequate to prevent any sunburn or tanning.