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Hello. We’ve got a 15’ Pelican Canoe which we enjoy on the river that our house is on. As an odd bit of terrain, we don’t actually have any place in our yard where we can store the canoe, and so we keep it moored in the water year long.

We’ve been wanting to buy some sort of mooring cover for the canoe, but can’t seem to find any for sale online via google searches. Being in England, we have to bail the canoe out quite a bit, and we’d like to have an easy to put on/take off cover to avoid this.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

mooring cover
While it might be easier to make two T bars and store the thing upside down near the waterfront. You can probably get the BagLady, Sue Audette to make a mooring cover.

Simple to make
Have it custom made:

or DIY based on similar concept:

I would install gromets around a heavy duty tarp and hang water bottles along the sides. Tie bow and stern with elastic cord.

So based on these responses, such a product truly doesn’t exist in the marketplace anywhere, even though they’re easy to find for kayaks and normal boats?

I find it so hard to believe that we’ll have to get one special made at no doubt a crazy price. Are we really the only people in the world who leave their canoe in the water and have to bail it out once a month and collect leaves and such?

Scratch that. I finally found one. :slight_smile:

Not exactly what I was hoping for, what with the camo colouring, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers. Does everyone figure that this is my best bet?

Probably not
That’s a standard canoe cover with holes for paddlers. IMO those will let water in in your application.

Unfortunately very few folks leave thier canoes on the water, so you likely will have to buy custom or make your own.

Personaly I like the suggestion above to make one from a tarp. Tie off the bow and stern and use weights to hold down the middle.

What do you do about all the muck and slime that grows in there?

I have a buddy who keep Disco 174 in the water a lot. But, it gets so disgusting, every year he has to eventually pull it out and start storing it upside down, where the hog-back is in it’s proper concave orientation.

It ain’t pretty

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Well, the slime is one of the reasons we're hoping to find a way to keep it dry. But basically we just wipe it up with some old towels. Comes right off... normally my wife will do the bailing, and then we start paddling, and while on the move, I'll be wiping up.

Less than ideal, to be sure :-)

If your moored boat does not pose a hazard to navigation, perhaps local regulations would permit a moored wooden float on which you could invert your canoe. It would certainly cost more than a cover, but it’s what I would pursue. BTW, you don’t know slime until you’ve removed a ‘waterproof’ cover after a couple of summer weeks away…EGADS, what a stench!

The bad Lady has a wb site:

That said, it’s kinda strange to order a cover that costs as much as the boat.

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