Canoe Covers???

Thinking of getting one. Sold on the concept but wondering about whether to go with one from Cooke’s (the most commonly recommended it seems) or Northwater which seems to have a really nice cover with lots of options (but no idea how they compare in terms of cost).

The most significant differences between the two seem to be that the Northwater uses a different attachment system. It entails intalling 'hooks" on the side of the canoe to which the cover is lashed in a vertical zig-zag pattern, where the Cooks cover is attache with what appears to be snaps.

Other major difference is that it appears that the Northwater uses some sort of a PVC type material where the Cookes appears to be pack cloth type nylon.



Northwater overkill
For what I’ve read about the kind of paddling you do, a Northwater deck would be overkill. They are about twice the price of a CCS deck and depending on the boat, can weigh upwards of 10 pounds. Northwater does build a pack cover deck, but for anything short of a month expedition, I’d recommend the CCS covers hands down.

Because of their pack-ability, and ease of use. If you are tripping, you can choose whether to have it on or not. With a Northwater deck, you’ll not want to carry it off teh bot so it is either alwasy on, or left at home.

If those are the two covers you are choosing from, I’d definitely go with the Cooke’s. However, if you do, make sure Dan knows you are paddling in salt water. It will make a difference in what kind of hardware he uses.