Canoe Cup Holder

Hey guys, another beer barge question…

Has anyone come across a cup holder made especially to fit over a canoe gunwale? I’ve been keeping my eye out but may just rig something up myself. And I did search the archives here at pnet and came up more or less empty. If anyone has custom rigged their own, I would love to see photos and descriptions of what you came up with.

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Double gimbaled to save your drink when you hit the drink ;^)


I’ve had great success in my WW tandem canoe with a pair of BarBouy brand can holders. They are available at most Marine dealerships. They come with their own koozy and attach to the gunwhale by a little plate that is easily screwed in. The entire cup holder is removable from the plate and is allowed to swing freely. I’ve done class IV without spilling a drop. The only problem is with water splashing into the can. I’ve looked for can covers with a flip-top sipping lip at the local hardware store without luck. I’m keeping my eye open, though. Although these dont hang over the gunwhale as you mentioned the require very little alteration to the boat to mount them. Good luck.

BarBouy link

Thanks Guys
Both are great options that I hadn’t run across yet. Thanks.

I never mix drinking with paddling…
…well, hardly ever.

And only in the privacy of the bedroom between consenting adults.

used to have a cup holder moulded into the bow and stern tanks. I heard that it was because Phil also did automotive moulding. Mad River also had one fore the IQ system.

Some marine stores

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have some o' dem dat ya kin bolt to a thwart wit a SS wing nut. Me, ah' dun't need no steenkin' cup holders. Ah' gots my bow paddlers (de Swedish Bikini Team) handin' me my beverages.

Wha Ho, KEicher glad to see you're back. How's de new family? Git any paddlin' in yet?


Hey Elmo
Family is doing great. Have gotten out to Wawayanda a few times this Spring already, and headed up to the 'Daks this weekend for a 4-day paddle with some buddies, so really looking forward to that.

Flared bottom cup
I looked all over also, and wasn’t able to find anything that fit. I finally found a flared bottom cup with rubber on bottom that doesn’t move or spill. works great! Maybe I’ll see ya up at Wawayanda. go on Sundays, Green Bell canoe with Spring creek stabilizer.

make your own
If you have wood seats there’s empty space next to your hips (maybe).

Just make a small wooden box that hangs from the cross members.

Just make the box the width of your drink (along with a inner partition that is also the width of your drink) and you have a handy spot that can also hold your camera or whatever.

Now for the maybe: On many canoes this only works with the front seats due to width considerations.

duct tape

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Just set the roll of duct tape in front of you and set your drink in the center hole.

The weight and tackiness of the roll gives you a stable, non-skid cup holder.

And since nearly everyone packs (or should pack) a roll of duct tape, you might as well put it to good use while you're waiting to use it for that future emergency.

Lil Suckers…

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I bought a couple of these "Lil Sucker" Can Holders.
One for my Kayak and Canoe. Works Great !!

Can-panion Cupholder
Check out:

A cupholder made specifically for canoes, kayaks, jon boats, chairs and etc…

canoe cupholder
check out

cup holders for canoes
Sorry, was in a hurry and left the s off so check out

cup holder update…
I found a place where you can purchase cup holders for canoes. Here is the place:

Hope this helps…