Canoe Curious: Used Old Town Pathfinder vs Old Town Next

Hi all - I am a recreational kayaker that’s considering a small canoe - mainly to train my young, large dog to ride (ultimately I hope to have him in a Pungo 125).

There’s a used OT Pathfinder near me for $350 (not sure if seller will negotiate). The pictures indicate it’s in good shape.

There’s also a used OT Next for $700 and it’s in great shape. Seller says he will negotiate.

I paddle flat water - lakes mainly - not much wind, very safe stuff. No adventures here, just peace. I love paddling a kayak and am skeptical I will love a canoe nearly as much, but again I’m thinking this might be a great option for our pup, AND nice if we occasionally wanted to portage.



Here’s some screenshots from the listing for the Pathfinder.

And the Next.

Bumping this up - I decided to get the Next, but should I still consider the Pathfinder at that price as a second boat?

I saw your post yesterday and almost posted but being a newcomer here myself I kind of waited for some of the pros to offer some input.

I personally like the price and size of the Pathfinder over the Next and it has the center seat for solo. You didn’t say how big the dog is or how likely he will be to tip you over and that leans to the wider Pathfinder as well.

The next is more of a pack canoe and will be more like a open kayak and lighter also. They are kind of two different boats that overlap but each has its place.