Canoe Day Trip Rental South Raritan Rive


We are looking to do a day trip on the South Raritan River (we live in Three Bridges). We are currently visiting family - coming from New Zealand we didn’t bring our canoes. Could someone recommend a canoe rental in the area?



No clue on the livery question, but let me know if you are looking to paddle 8/16. I’m planning to be up there (Bridgewater), hope to paddle, and could bring a boat or two for you.

But watch out, according to some on the chat forum, I’m a hazard to paddle with!


thanks but

Thanks for that. I will be with family including small child. we just want to take it easy, so maybe not a good idea to do it with you. Also found a rental place in Clinton, so i think we’ll be sweet.

Thanks heaps though, enjoy your trip!