Canoe Fishing Links?

I have been looking for some sites about canoe fishing, but cant find very much at all. I can find all kinds of links for kayak fishing, no offense to the kayak fishing folks, but that is not what I am looking for. So do you guys have any good canoe fishing links that I am missing? This is a great place for info and have been a member for years but other sites about canoe fishing seem to pale in comparison to the afore mentioned kayak fishing sites. So am I just looking in the wrong places or what, help me out if you got some good links, photos or what not. Maybe we should start a fishing canoe photo thread.

nothing exclusive

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I looked up Apparently someone has it registered already but no site up.

I think the best you can hope for are sites that talk about canoe and kayak fishing.

Here's a couple I know of:

I'd like to see an exclusive canoe fishing site. Not sure how popular it would be though. But there are distinct differences between canoe and kayak fishing.

Once the repairs are complete is an excellent resource for fishing from any kind of craft for smallmouth bass.

There are a number who use kayaks, but there are a number of regular posters who use canoes as well. Also jet boats, jon boats, feet, float tubes, ODC’s, etc., so forth.

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Try Kurt…

Doesn’t fit your profile perfectly but no doubt his site has something for you.

He’s an avid flyfisherman who likes canoes, pirogues and kayaks.

Builds his own boats, etc…

I wanna be like Kurt (when I retire). His boats are works of art.

thanks for the links guys

Thanks for the compliments. Seriously, if you knew what kind of fisherman I am, you’d change your mind.


another link
Check out for more info about canoe/kayak fishing around Louisiana. Most of my friends fish out of canoes, but the kayakers are right behind in number.


Try This Site
I have spent a year now getting this site ready. It sort of chronicles my experiences fishing from a canoe. I talk about wilderness fishing and river fishing. Let me know what you think.

cool site
I admit to being a bit of a snob when it comes to paddles and canoes. I simply cannot imagine the blisters that would result from some of the cheap paddles i see in sporting goods stores. Of course I was raised in a wenonah and have never paddled anything else. I was exposed to really top quality equipment from the start so there was no time for me to enjoy the less expensive gear. The site is cool. I really like the pics and the idea of connecting the canoe carrier pads so they do not move. I carried that way for years till I bought a GMC Jimmy that had a rack on it. Have you thought of a BB on the site? Perhapse a place for article submission? In my opinion the real advantage for fishing out of a canoe is the ability to get to water other boats cannot. Plus, it is quiet and much cheaper. Good Job

Thanks for the comments! Yes, I whole-heartedly agree with your last statements. We used to go to some Minnesota rivers during low water in late summer and we would have the entire river to ourselves since many trippers didn’t like the low water (and rocks). We would just get out in the rocky places and walk the canoe through. It was pretty easy to find the fish too.

Very Cool Site

Great site.
Keep going with that one. Has some potential.

A site in Ontario to try is It is fishing but lots of guys fish from a Canoe. Also Angler or Anglers ontario is a great web site on fishing. Again lots fish from a canoe. hope this helps.