Canoe float bags

I am getting to favor the feel of the wildefire over my kayaks. and would liketo use it on the lake and other areas that have suitable water levals. how much time money and effert is invovled it setting things up right. but at the same time being cost friendly?

got questions
Are you soloing or tandem? Float bags on a lake is a new one for me but if that’s what you want…I have nrs center bag about $80 3’x5’ and old town end bag, I think about $50. The Old Town bags are excellent quality.

They’re great…IF!..

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they're tied in securely. True they deflect wind all the time, but they're worthless if/when you flip....and they pop out when under the surface.
Some links(in addition to previously mentioned): (links, forums...etc)


Flotation bags installation…
Some of the easiest instructions for outfitting your canoe with flotation bags can “still” be found on the Mohawk Canoes website.

You can purchase flotation bags at Mohawk, NRS, and at Nantahala Outdoor Center, among other places. Do a little comparison shopping on their websites.

I have photos of 2 of my whitewater canoes, outfitted with flotation bags. I can send you some photos if you’ll send me your email address.

I may be able to assist you via email if you don’t quite “get it”, and need an explanation of the photos.

Additionally, we might be able to work on the installation at the upcoming rendezvous, if you have the bags & all necessary gear by then.


End bags
Mike Yee Has a good system for securing end bags. His web site has instructions and photos on how to install them. You can also buy all the materials from Mike to do the job.

Check I just
bought some from them (48"). They seem OK and I paided less than $80 including shipping. If you search on the Web you can get discount coupons.

Canoe float bags
I’ll second The Gaia bags they stock are excellent quality, they have the best price, and they get them to you quickly.