Canoe float bags

Looking to add float bags to my Mad River Guide (14.5’), how large does the float bags ned to be?

I plan on putting 30" bags in mine.
The size of the bags depends on how the boat is used. Guides are not big WW or big lake boats. And, if you go over 30" or so in bag size, you have more difficulty loading and unloading gear for a week’s travel with portages.

well, there’s choices
do you want end bags which come in a few sizes, or a center bag, generally 60" long? If you’re soloing the gnarl, the largest end bags you can find. I use center bags as end bags on a few boats; they fit fine and were a better deal. If you’re looking for something that’ll leave you some room, the smaller bags will work, and still provide good flotation…AS LONG AS THEY’RE PROPERLY SECURED!!! Having the bags secured is very important. Size ain’t critical imho as the bags fill the hull form, and rigging holds them in place.

My aesthetically numbing but totally functional set ups are varied.

End bags under deck

center bags deflated in OC-1

Same type of bags as in first pic (Sierra Trading post 75% off/I bought them out but check these guys from time to time) used as stern/center bags when poling at my limit.

My son Aaron with properly outfitted end bags.

different bags in OC-1

small end bags still get the ends up so you can flip the water out

Don’t carry a lot of gear
so I put 60" bags in my Yellowstone Solo.

Plenty of room for whatever I need to carry. To be honest - I very rarely use the bags. Only put them in the boat once this year, and fortunately I didn’t need them.

I use 60" bags in my Freedom Solo since I primarily use it for day trips.