Canoe Float Bags

These seem like a deal, but I was curious if anyone has them or know any reviews on them… 34 inches long seam a little long for my use.

34 isn’t long for canoes
But, I don’t know anything about those bags. They look and sound a little dodgy to me. A feature to eliminate “hose pinch”? Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

But maybe someone who knows these bags will say different.

High quality PLASTIC?
Funny how they proudly advertise they are made of “HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC,. NOT NYLON”. My experience is that nylon is a much tougher and pucture resistant material than plastic (PVC). Anybody else share this opinion?

NRS is the place
NRS is a great reputable company

what type
Maybe you’ve only seen low quality plastic.

These are high quality plastic. I’m sure they’re high quality. It says they are right there in the ad.