Canoe Floatation?

I’m looking to install some floatation in my Penobscot 16. Does anybody have any advice about what kind of float bags I would use or what sort of tie-down systems I could install? Would bow and stern bags be enough, or should I go with a center bag too? Remember, the Penobscot has aluminum rails.

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knobby 16?

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First off are you setting it up for solo or tandem? IF tandem how would you get a float bag up front bigger then a large book bag?
I suspect that the use will dictate the floatation. When We go tandem in the winter or the ocean we tie in a Center float bag in my buddies tandem ( admittadly it has built in bow and stern float tanks.) What several of my friends do on their knobscots is to have an oversize pedestal saddle that acts as floation in addition to bags front and back.

Check out Mohawk
Go to the Mohawk canoe website.It shows how to install flotation and they also sale the bags.Go to your local outfitters to see if they may have what you need to get the job done.If nothing else you could at least get some advice from them.Good luck.

penob floatation
I have end bags for my solo, I use them in my tandem this way. I drilled the rails for some laceing. I placed the bags in the center, (69) style.

We use a large center bag in our
Penob 16. Held in with lacing and a web strap. Pretty standard. They make a ‘bra’ to go over bags that eliminates the lacing. Costs more, but is faster.