canoe foot brace

I posted to the above thread but for some reason it would not come out of archive. Any update to this thread and what would be a good option today? I do not want to drill. I have a 16 foot canoe. Thanks.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but.
why not drill?

Use rivits, aluminum channel, aluminum tubing (2 sizes), and you come out with an adjustable foot brace which can be moved forward or back or taken out just by taking off two wing nuts

I just did my daughters Sandpiper a few weeks ago, and she is as pleased a punch with it.



adjustable brace
can you remove the cross bar easily? i thought of putting one in my rob roy but i’d need to access the space under the front deck.

Bell footbrace
Bell makes a carbon footbrace that attaches without drilling.

Sliding Foot Brace
John Newman of Grasse River Boatworks (called something else now) developed a sliding footbrace that is attached to the seat and does not involve any through hull fittings. J & J Canoes sells it.

On the do it yourself one.
You just remove a wing nut from the bolt (one on each side) that holds the cross brace and lift it up and out.




great people to deal with

I installed them on my Mohawk
Odyssey without drilling. You can get telescoping alum rods from a hardware store and angled alum to fabricate your own. I glued the braces on using vinyl strips that make a harness for the brace. I got the vinyl and glue (HH66) from a tarp manufactorer. It’s an easy project and doesn’t cost too much.